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There aren't many reviews yet, so I thought it would be helpful to post these comments from the CreateSpace editor:

The Hellraiser of the Hollywood Hills, by Jennifer Colt

Congratulations on the well-earned recognition for this smart, witty, and highly entertaining novel. Hellraiser was a true pleasure to read and edit.

The figures populating Hellraiser walk the perfect line between character and caricature (without a touch of the latter, it wouldn’t be Hollywood, would it?). Each person is quirky, and no one is superfluous; even the minor characters are memorable and serve to advance the plot and keep readers entertained.

Plot Flow
The intricate inner workings of this manuscript were clearly blueprinted with care and precision. Readers will appreciate the way you move the action and continually complicate each thread of the plot.

The suspense in Hellraiser is masterfully created, with small mysteries doled out just often enough to keep the stakes raised and the tension up. The action continues to rise and ultimately peaks in the climactic confrontation between (PLOT SPOILERS DELETED!).

Tone and Style
Kerry’s clever and slightly sarcastic narrative voice sets a wonderful tone for the novel, and the style is on display consistently from start to finish. Each sentence is inflected with her particular brand of humor, which lends the book a fully three-dimensional air.

The dialogue in this manuscript not only reveals character and advances the plot (its two most important functions), it’s also highly entertaining and it keeps the pace moving. I was especially impressed with the way characters often talk “past” each other—this makes the conversations realistic and relatable.

Point of View
Hellraiser from any other point of view simply wouldn’t be the same; Kerry is the perfect narrator, and readers will be glad to see the story unfold through her astute eyes.