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While on a stakeout in a sketchy corner of Hollywood, twin detectives Kerry and Terry McAfee are mistaken for paparazzi by none other than pop music phenom Bethany. The girl is totally annoying, not to mention certifiably nuts, but when a gang of goons makes a grab for her, the twins reluctantly come to her rescue. Their heroics are rewarded with a job offer: keep an eye on the unpredictable pop princess until she leaves on her world tour. Desperate to improve their cash flow, the twins agree. Yet what begins as a glorified babysitting gig quickly devolves into a high-stakes game of murder, stolen identity, and blackmail. Fueled by high-octane action, suspense, and humor, the fifth installment of Jennifer Colt's addictive McAfee Twins series will have readers perched on the edge of their seats one minute and howling with laughter the next. Together, Kerry and Terry tackle the seedy underbelly of Hollywood celebrity as only they can, with sass, nerve, and that infamous hot-pink Harley.

OK, take the Hardy Boys. Make them into modern twin girls (one gay, one straight, both redheaded, both lifetime denizens of Hollywood, California) and set them loose to solve crimes in a city gone mad with reality shows, paparazzi, and out-of-control celebrities. Zany, yes - but it works. . .

You can't teach someone to write like this; you are either born able to generate such wit, or you'll never be able to learn it. . . I got a big kick out of this story, and only hope there will soon be another madcap crime spree in Hollywood for the McAfee Twins to solve."

           —Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love

Twin private investigators Kerry and Terry McAfee are used to working the sleazy side of Hollywood, but they get more than they bargained for when they save celebrity "It" girl Bethany from aggressive paparazzi and end up wanted for kidnapping. The charges are dropped, thanks to their lawyer and friend Eli Weintraub and a convenient reality television show taping, and the whole thing may have been a publicity stunt for Bethany's up-coming tour, but something's not adding up. Bethany's manager hires the twins as the star's latest pair of bodyguards, only to have Bethany disappear in a stolen car. With the star on the loose and in disguise, the twins have their work cut out for them. Then people start turning up dead.

Fans of Janet Evanovich's "Stephanie Plum" series would be entirely at home with level-headed Kerry, wannabe-stuntwoman Terry, and their assortment of odd-ball friends and acquaintances, from a trio of helpful prostitutes to dog-sitter/actor/duck hatcher Lance Manley.

Lively characters and plenty of action and humor make this mystery more than worthy of its wacky La-La Land setting.
                                                                                                       — Publishers Weekly

Terry and Kerry McAfee are twins — they are also a couple of very active private investigators who find themselves embroiled in the attempted kidnapping of a music star in a seedier part of the Hollywood scene. But being bodyguards for a head case like bubble-gum-pop star like Bethany becomes as hazardous as it is complicated with past secrets, missing millions, stolen identity, blackmail, and murder. "The Hellraiser Of The Hollywood Hills" is a ripping great read by Jennifer Colt who is a genuinely gifted storyteller, and is the fifth in a series featuring these two remarkable and memorable young women. For those mystery enthusiasts for whom this is their first introduction to the mystery solving California sisters, check out their four previous titles: The Butcher of Beverly Hills; The Mangler of Malibu Canyon; The Vampire of Venice Beach; and The Con Artist of Catalina Island.
                                                                                                        —Midwest Book Review

The snap, crackle and pop you hear while reading "The Hellraiser of the Hollywood Hills" is not your breakfast cereal, it's Jennifer Colt's smart, high-energy writing. The characters, while a bit over the top at times in a good way, are memorable even though they aren't the kind of people you'll have over to dinner, and there's plenty of snappy dialogue for everyone.

It's nice to see the McAfee Twins back in their fourth very enjoyable novel that will keep you guessing until the last page.
                                                                                                    —Campbell Editorial