The Con Artist of Catalina Island: A McAfee Twins Christmas Novel

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Spending Christmas on picturesque Catalina Island promises to be the perfect holiday family retreat for private investigators, Kerry and Terry McAfee. That is, until they learn that the hotel room they've checked into was recently occupied by a pair of feuding newlyweds, and that the bride and her exceptionally rare green diamond ring have both gone missing.

When the body of a local diving instructor is discovered floating in Avalon Bay, the twins offer up their services, and soon find themselves embroiled in a dangerous web of lies, deceit, and holiday debacles. Between the death threats, the mysterious man stalking their every move, a suspicious sheriff, and a conspiracy that reaches from the shores of Santa Catalina all the way to an African diamond mine, this trip certainly isn't turning out as planned. Add to the mix Cousin Robert playing Santa Claus, Aunt Reba facing the consequences of an illicit love affair, the amorous advances of a handsome stranger, and a toothless escaped poodle, and it s just another family Christmas for the McAfee twins!

Curled up with a Good Book

The Con Artist of Catalina Island is not only a good mystery, it's also a hilarious screwball comedy.

Midwest Book Review

Jennifer Colt has an outstanding comedic talent plus an ability to create larger-than-life characters that draw in the reader instantly. The McAfee twins are a pleasurable change from run-of-the-mill sleuths, and the constant antics of Reba, Robert, and Jacques' add to the fun in The Con Artist of Catalina Island. The McAfee twins series is a rollicking good time!

Armchair Interviews

The Con Artist of Catalina Island is a hilarious fun mystery that will keep you guessing until its exciting conclusion. The McAfee Girls know how to have a good time, and they will take you away with them to have a fun adventure.


Loose ends flutter all over the island. Action - in the form of shootings, assaults and nasty phone calls - and a billboard in Paris keep the twins on their toes. As always, they manage to tie up all those ends, this time with a little help from some fellas from Homeland Security. The Con Artist of Catalina Island is Jennifer Colt's fourth novel in this highly entertaining series. What fun.

Fresh Fiction

There is never a dull adventure with the McAfee Twins around. When you add in wacky Aunt Reba and accident- prone cousin Robert, the story ends up that much more entertaining. The Con Artist of Catalina Island is an enjoyable tale and a delightful, fast paced read.


Don't miss this latest installment of the adventures of Kerry and Terry McAfee The Con Artist of Catalina Island. From start to finish author Jennifer Colt provides a funny, if not hilarious, page-turning book that you won't be able to put down. Truly a Christmas gift!