Welcome Kindle Boards Folks


If you've come here from the Kindle Boards, welcome.

I don't post a lot, but I'm going to start. The problem is...what to talk about?

See, I'm a little schizoid. I write comic mysteries, but when I'm not doing that I'm reading spiritual books, or books about quantum physics, metaphysical works, etc. I jog in place while watching downloads on everything "paranormal," anything related to the subject of consciousness. I love writing comedy, but the unseen side of life is my passion. For me the two are inextricably entwined.

I believe God is a practical jokester, and we are his magnum opus. The tragedy of the human condition is that we so readily embrace the tragic. We loves us some drama, and we're all about the power plays, the judgments, the war mongering, the killing.

Comedy reminds us of what we really are: spiritual beings trapped in a little time capsules called bodies. Aging and dying are God's (or Nature's) way of reining in our worst impulses, of stopping us before we can wreak too much damage. Then once we go, we get a chance to come back and try to do it better.

We need to laugh at ourselves. We need to laugh about the conditions of our lives, because the truth is that we're responsible for them. Every single one. History is the process of the human race slipping on a cosmic banana peel.

These are the things I spend my time thinking about, so why wouldn't I blog about them?

I write fiction, and goofy fiction at that. I don't imagine people are coming to me for cosmology or theology.

That said, I'm almost done with a book on the subject. I'll try to sell it to a traditional publisher, but if that doesn't happen I'll go CreateSpace/Kindle. I'm finally marrying my two consuming interests in one memoir-cum-philosophical tract, and if you thought I was funny before, wait till you read about my life.

It'd be hilarious, if it weren't so tragic. (Kidding! See? Schizoid!)

Stay tuned for news of the book...