The Mangler of Malibu Canyon: A Novel


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After kicking some hijackers' butts on a plane arriving at LAX, PI twin sisters Kerry and Terry McAfee get on their pink Harley, zip onto the Pacific Coast Highway and cruise into Malibu for their second crime-solving romp (after 2005's The Butcher of Beverly Hills). Their wealthy great-aunt, Reba, and her middle-aged Ding Dong–addicted son, Robert, who's missing from a posh rehab facility, are in big trouble. After a headless corpse turns up rolled in a rug stashed in Reba's new Malibu digs and Robert surfaces with the matching head, both relatives are arrested and hustled off to jail. In their search for the real killer, the sleuthing sisters dodge a deadly over-the-hill TV actress, mobsters, New Age chicanery, far-out cosmic connections and a cheesy film producer. If the slaphappy plot defies believability, Kerry (the boy-crazy twin addicted to law enforcement types with big guns) and Terry (the twin who goes for leggy ladies) provide plenty of laughs. (June)

                                                                                      —Publishers Weekly

The second installment of Colt's engaging series opens with the McAfee twins, Kerry and Terry, stopping an attempted terrorist takeover of an L.A.-bound plane. Things don't slow down when the pair arrives home: their Aunt Reba has found a woman's body rolled up in a rug at her Malibu home, and her son, Robbie, who is supposed to be in rehab, shows up disoriented and carrying the woman's head. When the police arrive, both Reba and Robbie confess to the murder, each hoping to cover for the other and forcing the twins to hunt down the real killer. Their investigation leads them to an aging starlet, her slimy movie-producer ex-husband, a spa for horses, and an alien-worshipping cult. A wild, entertaining romp anchored by its very different but equally likable heroines. Kristine Huntley



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